Els Vanden Meersch

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    In my practice as an artist, architecture has a meaning far beyond the discipline that combines aesthetics with functionality. Buildings mirror existential social behavior; they contain both bottom up and top down social activities and structures.
    I am interested in these types of buildings that, because of their functional nature, reveal our social interhuman convictions. These places are hard to remove after transformation of a specific ideological era therefore they fossilize what often wants to be forgotten or monumentalize what is suppose to be our pride.
    Architecture is too heavy and massive to be random; there is more reason behind every corner than making a simple junction between two walls. Institutional buildings can be micro-societies, revealed or hidden, operating within a macro-society. I enter many buildings to research and document specific architectural structures that are at the same time social memory containers and social blueprints.



    HISK, Antwerpen (BE)

    Rijksakademie BK, Amsterdam, (NL)

    Triangle Artists Association, Brooklyn, NYC (USA)

    Platform Garanti , Istanbul, Turkije (TR)

    Bellagio Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Center, Bellagio, Italy (IT)

    Art Omi, Ghent, New York (USA)

    Phd, University Antwerp/Kaska (BE)
    “Mastering the curtains”
    An artistic research into the relation of visual arts with heritage, propaganda and censorship in Iran.
    (promotors: Philippe Meers and Johan Pas)

    INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS (initiator and producer)

    Hosgeldiniz/Xwesh hatin: photoproject on the evacuated and destroyed villages in Turkish Kurdistan.
    Project in collaboration with IHD, human rights organization, Diyarbakir, DTP  and Kurdish center of Antwerp. (Supported by the Flemish Community)

    Photoproject on the Yezidi community, Lalesh, northern Iraq ( in collaboration with Kurdish Institute of Brussels)

    Mastering the Curtains, Photoproject on Baha'is and Sufi sects in Islamic republic of Iran (With support from University of Antwerp, AP and the Flemish Community)

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selection)


    Immaculata, Museum E ism MUHKA, Edegem (BE)

    Mastering the Curtains, Inbox, MUHKA, Antwerp (BE)

    Speaking in tongues, Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerp (BE)

    Annie Gentils Gallery (Lore Vanelslande/Els Vanden Meersch), Antwerp (BE)
    Second room, Antwerp (BE)

    lieux communs, Mons (BE)
    Hosgeldiniz/Xwesh hatin/Welcome, Annie Gentils gallery, Antwerp (BE)

    Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerp (BE)

    Manifest d’art 4, ‘La rencontre’, La Biennale en art actuel de Québec, La Chambre Blanche, Canada (CA)
    University Ghent, Belforten van de Arbeid, Ghent (B) Platform Garanti Galeri, posterlaunch Istanbul (TR)

    Foto Festival Naarden, Solopresentation (cat.), Naarden (NL)
    Catholic university Leuven, campus Kortrijk, Kortrijk, (BE)

    Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerpen, (BE)
    Netwerk galerij (/William Cobbing), Aalst (BE)
    Croxhapox, (publication ‘Wrapped’), Ghent (BE)

    Museum Vanderkelen, (cur. Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography and Visual studies, Jan Baetens /Hilde Van Gelder), Leuven (BE)
    Book presentation : ‘Paranoid obstructions’

    Paranoid obstructions, Cultural Centre Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

    Ausstellungsraum Restitution, (/Jan Burmester), Berlin (DE)
    Flacc casino, presentation book ‘Transient constructions’, Genk (BE) Etablissement d’en face, presentation book ‘Transient constructions’, Brussels (BE)
    ‘The sublime was yesterday’ part 2, University Ghent, ( /Koenraad Dedobbeleer), (org. Guy Bovyn), Ghent (BE)

    'collaborative project', Project Room South, RABK ( /Koenraad Dedobbeleer), Amsterdam (NL)
    Pistoletto Fondazione, ‘Transient constructions’, selection photographic archive, Biella (IT)

    PCBK (/Keiko Sato), Hasselt,(BE)
    Galerij 'Kunst-Zicht', University Ghent, (org. Guy Bovyn), Ghent, (BE)

    Netwerk Galerij, Aalst (BE)
    HEDAH, Maastricht (NL)
    St.-Lukasgalerij (/Marco Jacobs), Brussels (BE)

    GROUP EXHIBITONS (selection)


    Bolero - Station, Athens (GR)                                                                                                                                                                          


    Art Rotterdam Projections, Rotterdam (NL)

    +51°13'00.0"N +4°23'40.4"E_Conversations, ten huize van Jo Crepain, Antwerp (BE)

    KRASJ, Ninove (org. H. Theys), (BE)

    Antwerp Art Weekend, De Studio, Cur. Escauteville., Antwerp (BE)

    Fritz Mayer van den Bergh Museum, Antwerp (BE)

    Citadel’arte, Diest, (BE)

    Parallel, Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerpen (BE)
    Port City, monologues: Istanbul/Antwerpen- Liman Kenti, monologlar: Istanbul/Antwerpen, Europalia Turkey, MAS, Antwerp (BE)

    Museum scale 1/7, org. Ronny Van de Velde, Baker Museum, Florida (USA)
    DiversCity, CIAP, Hasselt (BE)

    Museum scale 1/7, org. Ronny Van de Velde, Bank Delen, Antwerpen (BE)
    Private/Public, OCT museum, Chenzeng (China)
    Dreaming of the south, Marionne de Canière Gallery, Antwerpen (BE)
    What matters…., Psychiatrisch instituut St. Norbertus, Duffel (BE)

    Who’s afraid of…., Corrosia, Almere (NL)
    Between memory and representation, De Bond, Brugge, (BE)

    Finnisterre, jonge fotografie in België, Fotomuseum antwerpen (BE)
    ABC, Art Belge contemporain, Fondation culture et developpement, Sofia, Bulgarie (BG)
    Art Rotterdam, Gallery Annie Gentils, Zapp magazine Z33, Architecture of Fear, Hasselt, (BE)

    (out of) control, biennale internationale de la photography et des arts visuel, Liege (BE)
    Biennial contemporary art, Sinopale, Sinop, Turkey (TR)
    Belge avant tout, regard sur l’art actuel en Belgique, le Fresnoy-Tourcoing (FR)
    Fotofestival Breda ‘over de ontrouw der wereld’, lokaal 01’ , Breda, (NL)
    Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)
    Silence disturbed, Psychiatrisch Centrum, Duffel (BE)

    ‘Superstories’ Triennial Hasselt, Hasselt, (BE)
    Véritée exposé-about memory, Ernst Museum, Budapest (HU)
    Art Brussels, Annie Gentils Gallery, Brussel (BE)
    HTV, De ijsberg, curatorial publication J.B.Koeman, Amsterdam (NL)
    FIAC, gallery Annie Gentils, Paris (FR)
    ‘young curators, new ideas’, Woman in photography, PPOW, New York (USA)
    The archeologists, Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Cur. Dieter Roelstraete, Kraichtal-Unteröwisheim (DE)
    Der Himmel über Antwerpen, Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerpen (BE)

    The order of things , MUHKA, Antwerpen (BE)
    Arco, annie Gentils Gallery, Madrid (SP)
    Slick, Annie Gentils Gallery, Paris (FR)
    Architecture, Monumental, Bornem (BE)
    Usable pasts-concerted forgettings, acts of memory, Smart Projects Space, Amsterdam (NL)
    Hafriyat Karakoy, The realm of the manifold arts, Urban Jallousy, Istanbul (TR)

    The An(other) Publication Project, CASCO, Office for Art, Theory and Design, Utrecht (NL)
    Art Cologne, Annie Gentils, Keulen (DE)
    Art Forum Berlin, House trip , cur. Ami Barak, Annie Gentils, Berlin (DE)
    Triangle Artist Association, DUMBO Art Festival under the Bridge, Alumni exhibition, Brooklyn,NYC (USA)
    LLS387, ruimte voor actuele kunst (org. Ulrike Lindmayr), Antwerpen (BE)
    Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerpen (BE)

    D.U.M.B.O. art festival under the bridge, (cat.), Brooklyn, NYC (USA)

    ‘Constructie / Reconstructie’, Witte Zaal, Sint-Lucas, (cur. Paul Gees), Ghent (BE)
    ‘Die Frage der Grösse’ Shedhalle Tübingen, cur. Ausstellungsraum restitution, Tübingen (DE)
    ‘Space – Now and then’, org. Fundament Foundation, Tilburg (NL)

    ‘Dialogica’, Netwerk Galerij, Eskimoruimtes, (cat.), Ghent (BE)
    Art Center Flux, Luik (BE)
    CC Strombeek, Provincial Prize Vlaams Brabant, (cat.), Strombeek-Bever (BE)
    ‘Verboden op het werk te komen’, Brakke Grond/W139, Amsterdam (NL)
    ‘De Inrichting’, In situ project, Outline, (cat.), Heiloo (Alkmaar) (NL)
    Provincial Prize Antwerp, (cat.), Fabiolazaal, Antwerp (BE)

    'Concrete', W139, Amsterdam, (NL)
    'Spervuur', tweebronnenbibliotheek Leuven , (org. Guillaume Bijl/ Philip Braem), (cat.), Leuven (BE) ‘Standplaats’, ln situ project, (org. Hilde de Bruijn), (cat.), Nijmegen (NL)
    ‘Transient Constructions 3’, open days, Rijksakademie BK, Amsterdam (NL)

    ‘Merkwürdige Dinge gesehen’, Flanders in NWF, Höherweg EV, (org. U. Lindmayer), Düsseldorf (DE)
    'Pentagon', STUK Art Center, (publ.), Leuven (BE)
    'Hortus Panoramicus', Breugelproject Flemish Community, (org. Hilde Van Gelder), Brussel , (BE), (cat.)
    'Interferenties', De Overslag,(org. Guy Bovyn), (cat.), Eindhoven (NL)
    Open Days, 'an archaeology', Rijksakademie BK, Amsterdam (NL)

    CC NICC, Fontainasplein, (org. Dimitri Vangrunderbeek), Brussels (BE)
    ‘Diasporical Thoughts’, (org. Lybaert projects), Tacktoren, Kortrijk (BE)

    Studio Ercolani, Bologna (IT)

    Speelhoven , Aarschot (BE)
    NICC, Hasselt, 'Hedendaagse kunst, Waarheen?', Antwerpen (BE)


    Vlaamse bouwmeester, art integration assignment, Mental hospital St.- Norbertus, Duffel (BE)
    - prijs Vlaamse bouwheer 2009



    Affiniteit, University Ghent, Faculty architecture, Ghent (BE)

    Articulate, DeSingel, E. Vanden Meersch/ Mashid Mohadjerin, Antwerp (BE)

    Articulate, DeSingel, E. Vanden Meersch/Charlotte Lybeer, Inge Henneman, Antwerp (BE) 

    Academiegasten, KASKA (BE)

    Seminart, State of the art, HISK (BE)

    Doctoraatssymposium KASKA (BE)

    Lecture Bellagio Center, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio (IT)

    Artist talk Els Vanden Meersch/Pieter Geenen, Parking Gallery, Teheran (IR)

    Artist talk, W139, Amsterdam (within the project Marielle Videle, Blinded tourist) (NL)

    Namiddagen van de topografie, Beursschouwburg, Brussel (BE)
    (Steven Humblet, Bart Verschaffel, Els Vanden Meersch)
    KASK, Artist talk, Ghent (BE) Samenspel, De Kendall debatten, Antwerpen Kendall (BE)

    Lecture Marc De Kesel about ‘Paranoid obstructions’, STUK, Leuven (BE)
    ‘A dark god behind each photo: about photography, modernity and representation’ Sint Lukas/Lieven Gevaert Leerstoel, ’De reportage, het documentaire – vaststellingen’ S. Humblet, E Vanden Meersch, T. Voeten, T. Dirven, KBC bank, Brussels (BE)
    Fotomuseum : ’Fotografie in context’, E. Vanden Meersch, I. Henneman, Antwerp (BE)

    Catholic University Leuven, Fac. Art history (org. Hilde Van Gelder), Leuven, (BE)
    St.-Lucas Ghent (org. Thierry De Duve), Slide presentation/lecture, Ghent (BE)

    Lecture Isabelle Lemaître ‘Le regard et l’irreprésentable’ about book ‘Transient constructions, Flacc casino, Waterschei (BE)
    and Etablissement d’en face, Brussels (BE)
    Filmproject “Lying in wait” Alice Evermore based on book ‘Transient constructions’, Flacc casino, Waterschei (BE)
    en Etablissement d’en face, Brussel (BE) Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto, cittadellarte, universita’dell idee, Biella (IT)

    Etablissement d'en face, Brussels (BE)
    FLA&CC Casino, lecture and slide presentation, Waterschei (BE)


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    ‘Exchanging Icons/ Occasionally dressed-up’, (Poster Edition with support of Platform Garanti, Istanbul)


    TR report, Tehran, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Esfahan.(Ed. KASKA, Antwerpen)


    Mastering the Curtains, Art Paper Edition, Ghent (BE)




    Exploring the edges of Belgian contemporary photography, Flanders Arts Institute, Wallonia-Brussels Federation, BOZAR (Brussel), FoMu (Antwerpen) en het Museum M (Leuven)

    FORUM+, Nieuwe verhalen,een visuele dialoog met het foroarchief van Fritz Mayer van den Bergh, ARIA, Antwerpen.


    A poem a day, Nico Dockx and Clara Meister

    Art and/as research, Kask – Aria Antwerp research institute for the arts.



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    Prix triennal ianchelevici 2011Museé en plein air du Sart-Tilman (BE)
    Crossing, Van Middelheimmuseum naar de stad en omgekeerd (BE)

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    A PRIOR nr. 2, Portfolio
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    PRESS (selection)

    Rendez-vous de galleries Belge à Rotterdam, La Libre Belgique, Claude Lorent

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    <H>art, Monument van iets dat niet bestaat, Anne-Marie Poels

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