Photo Installation, Thermische Centrale UGent

Wood, 1200 photos, tube lights
220 x 130 x 610 (hwl)

cooporation Ugent-VVIA-Interbellum (Belforten van de arbeid)

Thermische Centrale UGent, Gent (BE), 2007

The photo installation in the Turbine Hall of the Thermal Central of Ghent University is a pseudo-scientific research into the heritage objects in this room. The photographs record every meticulous detail of a large wall cupboard. The dead object is fully digitized. Key details are magnified and each of the 1200 recordings are annotated. The whole is full size 3D re-compiled, so a seemingly faithful replica of the object appears, pretending to be a mirror of the past. In reality, the photographic imitation results in a subjective deformation. The whole feels like a mirage.